The short-term takeover of your goods (full load/FTL) within Europe is guaranteed by our efficient network of selected transport partners, which we have built up over more than 20 years. Our special know-how consists in combining the flows of goods of our customers - considering their specific requirements - in such an optimal way that empty runs and waiting times are minimized.

Air freight Groupage (LTL)

In the consolidation of goods, several deliveries for one destination are combined and transported on Air-Tech's own units.                                                                                   We operate multiple weekly departures to domestic and international warehouses within Europe, providing a reliable, fast, and affordable option.                                        All departures are tied to our domestic as well as our international schedules.

Temperature  Transport

Our modern fleet includes ATP - equipped trucks.                                                          That operate in a constant temperature range from -25 °C to +30 °C. Our trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art temperature monitoring and reporting solutions, including a temperature display visible in the exterior mirror and alarms that informs the driver in case of deviations outside the set temperature parameters.


We are your transport service provider when it comes to any kind of dangerous goods transports because we transport dangerous goods of the most different substances and danger classes daily. Of course, checking the validity of all required certificates for the transport of dangerous goods is part of our quality processes. Every driver is trained according to the requirements and is in possession of the corresponding certificate.


Oversized Goods require a different and special approach. Regarding this Goods you are supported and advised by experienced teams. Our truck fleet is set up accordingly so that every kind of goods that is officially approved can be transported.

No challenge is too big - everything is part of our daily business.


We offer our customers individual warehouse capacities such as the safe and unsafe area, a separate area for hazardous goods and areas for highly sensitive goods.

- Seveso standard
- Security equipment (including cameras)
- Humidity sensors
- Various storage systems