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The collection of your goods (full truck loads / FTL) throughout Europe is guaranteed by our high-performance network of selected transport partners, which we have built up over more than 25 years.

Our special know-how consists of optimally combining the flow of goods of our customers - taking into account their specific requirements - so that empty trips and waiting times are minimized. Mega Box and tautliners are standard vehicles for the transport of Airfreight and can be used universally.
If required, we can also provide other types of trucks (jumbo, trailer truck, small truck, …) on certain routes.

Air freight Groupage (LTL)

Not all road transport is full truck loads (FTL). Sometimes there just isn't enough cargo to transport. In this case, Air-Tech can and will offer you a Groupage solution (LTL - Less than Truck Load)
Carpooling for air freight. The fact that you don't have an FTL doesn't mean we're driving a half-empty vehicle. We will do everything in our power to optimally plan the combination of LTL. After all, two half loads make one FTL, and this is how we prevent empty kilometers.

This freight combination could be seen as a form of “ridesharing for air freight” and thus offer you a fair KG price.

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Hazardous Goods Transport

We are your transport provider when it comes to dangerous goods transport, as it is our daily business to transport hazardous goods of different products and risk categories.
Vehicles of Air-Tech meet the requirements in line with ADR guidelines.
Each driver is in possession of the necessary ADR certificate, as well as personal protective equipment.
It goes without saying that the validity of all necessary certificates for the transport of hazardous goods will be checked as part of the Air-Tech quality processes.

Temperature Controlled

Air-Tech uses a modern fleet of ATP-equipped vehicles that operate within a constant temperature range of -25°C to +30°C. Our vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art temperature monitoring and reporting solutions, which include a temperature display visible in the rearview mirror, and alarms to notify the drivers in case of any deviations outside the set temperature parameters. We combined our monitoring and intervention technologies with the latest temperature management techniques.
With the substantial growth of the healthcare logistics market in Europe, GDP guidelines are expected by shippers, distributors, and receivers of medical products.

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XXL - Outsize

Cargo and transport that fall outside the “regular” frameworks require a different strategy. A strategy from the experts in oversized cargo. Our well-documented transport register includes the masters of long, wide, deep, heavy, or high semi-trailers.


A pair of wicks from a windmill, a turbine, or the anchor of a supertanker. These are things that you do not fold, deflate, or take apart. The item is simply that big, and it will have to be transported by road. We dare to accept that challenge so that your transport can take place by road.


Air-Tech warehouses are state-of-the-art, built, and fitted with the latest technology. Air-Tech offers its clients both dedicated and non-dedicated warehousing capacity, depending on the volume and risk, in order to ensure optimum cost management. Air-Tech also has specially equipped warehouses at its disposal that include:

  • Seveso standardised

  • High-security warehouses

  • Conditioned for relative humidity

  • Clean Room facilities

  • Various storage systems

Depending on the quantity and risk of goods, Air-Tech offers its customers both dedicated and non-dedicated Warehouse capacities in order to optimize cost management.

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